Instructors at Yamaha Champions Riding School

Nick lenatsch

Nick Ienatsch, Lead Instructor Nick lenatsch, Lead Instructor

After 11 years heading the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School, Nick has plenty of teaching experience. In addition to teaching, Nick still participates in track days and finds time to race: His racing resume includes two AMA SuperTeams national championships with Erion Racing, four top-three annual finishes on Yamaha’s TZ250 in AMA 250GP competition, two #1 plates from Willow Springs, three Grand National Championships with WERA and on the podium of the AMA 600 SuperSport.


Ken Hill

Ken Hill Ken Hill

Ken has raced at the front of the AFM crowd and finished in the top 10 in the AMA Superbike field. The Spencer School hired Ken in 2003 and he worked there until the school closed. Ken tests and writes for Roadracing World magazine and continues to race and enjoy track days on bikes and in cars.


Dale Kieffer

Dale Kieffer Dale Kieffer

Dale’s impressive racing resume includes multiple club class championships, plus a pair of national No. 3 plates in AMA competition. Dale worked at the Spencer School for nine years until it closed. He continues to race and do track days.


Shane Turpin

Shane Turpin Shane "Tornado" Turpin

Shane Turpin has dominated club racing in Utah and Colorado for almost a decade, winning multiple class championships to date. He has stood on the AMA podium as well in ProThunder, and races in every discipline, from Supermoto to roadracing to motocross. Shane taught with Nick, Ken and Dale at the Spencer School.


Mark Schellinger

Mark Schellinger Mark Schellinger

Mark has a pair of No. 1 plates on the wall from Colorado’s MRA and is also the club’s new-rider coach and representative. Mark had joined the other four instructors at the Spencer School for special Michelin programs and has worked extensively with Nick on rider training.


Praise for Yamaha Champions Riding School

Troy Siahaan, Sport Rider,
January 2010 issue:

The Yamaha Champions Riding School ranks as one of the best courses I’ve enrolled in and is definitely worth a return visit.

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